About Us

Vision & Values

StructurePoint’s vision is a world of safe, sustainable, and durable reinforced concrete structures, enabling all generations to thrive and prosper.

Our mission is to become the most trusted, knowledgeable, and comprehensive source for reinforced concrete design solutions worldwide.

Our core values are: Accuracy, Simplicity, Improvement, Service, and Legacy. These values guide us as we pursue our vision for StructurePoint’s -and the world’s- continued progress.


StructurePoint originated in 1957 as the Engineering Software Group of the Portland Cement Association (PCA). The group created software to provide design aids and automatic calculations for structural engineers to analyze and design reinforced concrete structures.

As software became a widely-used tool in the engineering industry, the group pursued better aesthetics, faster development, and skilled employees. In 2007, under the direction of trusted PCA employee Dr. Alsamsam, the group reorganized as StructurePoint, an independent entity with the complete support of its legacy organization.

Continuous Improvement

As stewards and enhancers of PCA software, StructurePoint engineers focus on developing and maintaining a simplified suite of software for analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, and structures. We provide uniquely focused programs to facilitate efficient and cost-effective completion of demanding projects.

As our global market expands, we retain important relationships with established clients (some dating back to our software’s inception in the 1960’s), while gaining the trust of new engineers, academics, and firms.

We have developed our spLearn program to extend our knowledge and support via training and consulting engineering services. Our spAcademic program focuses on providing tools and resources to educators and academic institutions in order to prepare students to join the engineering industry.

In recognition of our emphasis on excellent service and research-based development in our niche market, engineers everywhere value StructurePoint as the gateway to the vast resources of the concrete industry.

Historical Perspectives