Our Story


StructurePoint originated over half a century ago as the Engineering Software Group of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 1957. The group created software to provide design aids and automatic calculations for structural engineers to analyze and design reinforced concrete structures.

As software became a widely-used tool in the engineering industry, the group pursued better aesthetics, faster development, and skilled employees. In 2007, under the direction of trusted PCA employee Dr. Alsamsam, the group became the independent entity known today as StructurePoint with the complete support of its legacy organization, PCA.

Continuous Improvement

Today, StructurePoint engineers develop and maintain their focus on a simplified suite of software for analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and bridges. We provide uniquely focused programs to allow efficient and cost-effective completion of demanding projects.

As our global market expands, we gain the trust of new customers while retaining important relationships with established users. We have developed a program to extend knowledgeable support via training and consulting engineering services.

With emphasis on excellent service and research-based development in our niche market, engineers everywhere value StructurePoint as the gateway to the vast resources of the concrete industry.

Vision & Values

StructurePoint’s primary vision is to achieve a world of safe, sustainable, and durable reinforced concrete structures by providing focused software as the essential tool for structural engineers.

Our team values Accuracy, Simplicity, Improvement, Service, and Legacy as we pursue a prolific vision for the company’s global possibilities and continued progress.