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STRUCTUREPOINT, formerly the Engineering Software Group of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) is a dedicated team of engineering professionals committed to excellence, continuous improvement, and service.

StructurePoint provides civil and structural engineers with the software and technical resources they need for designing concrete buildings and structures.

For engineers, StructurePoint offers a convenient single point of access for educational tools, R&D reports, library services, and technical information.

If STRUCTUREPOINT is a single source for all reinforced concrete design needs what can I expect beyond software and support?

STRUCTUREPOINT can serve as your gateway to the vast resources and knowledge base of the entire cement and concrete industry. We have access to allied associations and resources including Library services, training, R&D, publications, building codes, specialty engineering services, concrete material and testing, concrete repair, codes and standards consulting. We also have extensive special expertise in the design environmental structures, tanks, silos and tilt-up buildings and structures.

What if I don't have time to learn and use the software?

StructurePoint may develop a complete analysis and design model for your structure or component that you can use to support your calculation and develop engineering drawings and other deliverables as part of an extended support agreement.

Are trial versions of any of the software programs available?

Yes, trial versions of each of the software programs are available for download from our website. Go to the product page you are interested in, and then click on 'download trial.' The software and trials is also available via CD. Please contact us to receive one.

Users will be able to evaluate the software via a one-time 15 day evaluation of the full version of each software product. This is important since all software sales are final. Purchasing the software after evaluation is as simple as visiting our website, http://www.StructurePoint.org, purchasing the software and downloading the 'license code' to activate the product. No waiting for shipment!

Are network versions of the programs available? If so, how will they be priced?

Yes. Network versions of most of StructurePoint programs are available. Network licenses are concurrent seat licenses, meaning if you purchase a 3-seat network license, 3 users on your network can access the software simultaneously. For more information, click on the Network link above.
Pricing is based upon the number of concurrent users you wish to support, further pricing information is available by phone at 1-847-966-4357 (HELP).

What pricing discounts are available?

Discounts are available to customers upgrading from previous versions, purchasing a software bundle, or multiple network seats. Additional discounts are available to maintenance subscribers and during special promotions. From time to time, promotional discounts are offered by PCA, CAC, or other allied organizations. To see if you qualify, please contact us at 1-847-966-4357 (HELP).

What if I want to talk to someone to find out more about the software before I purchase?

Support and information are available through our website, Ask Us!, and by calling 1-847-966-4357 (HELP). Office demonstrations of the analysis and design software programs are available and scheduled upon request from one of our Regional Field Engineers, and can also be requested through our website.

Will universities and educators' be eligible for discounts?

Yes. Universities and professors are important partners to StructurePoint. Our software is used in many of the leading Universities through out the world, helping train the next generation of civil and structural engineers. Significant discounts are available for qualified educational purposes. Please email us at univ@StructurePoint.org.

Is there a maintenance agreement available? What are the benefits of the maintenance agreement?

Yes, StructurePoint offers several levels of maintenance and support. For more infomation please visit the maintenance page.

What information can we expect to find at the STRUCTUREPOINT website? Can we order the software on-line?

Our website brings together a suite of structural software products, technical information, and expert support to help you work more productively. Product specifications and information, downloadable brochures, downloadable evaluation versions, technical resources and papers, as well as the ability to purchase the software on-line are only a click away at http://www.StructurePoint.org.

What is the approach to maintaining and upgrading STRUCTUREPOINT products?

It is STRUCTUREPOINT's priority to make the highest quality structural analysis and design software available to the engineering community. To do this, we are committed to continously updating our current software products to the latest ACI and CSA codes. Additionally, we are implementing new features to improve the interface and ease of use to assure you have the best productivity tools for concrete design.

Will StructurePoint carry other companies' software products?

Yes. StructurePoint as the source for all your concrete design needs can provide software and engineering solutions. Through strategic partnerships with some of the world's leading engineering and software development firms, we will offer the software and consulting that meets structural engineers' analysis and design needs.

Will the software programs be copy protected? If so, why?

Yes. Growing worldwide software piracy has made software licensing a serious concern, with significant liability to those companies who unknowingly have unlicensed software running on their company computers. StructurePoint implements copyright protection to protect users from counterfeit versions and liability.

Why did PCA's software group re-organize as STRUCTUREPOINT?

Engineers have told us that they would like to see a resource that not only provided quality engineering design software and technical support, but was a single source for all their reinforced concrete analysis and design needs - a trusted resource for engineering software, support, and technical expertise that is available anywhere, anytime. We are that resource, with an all-encompassing new name StructurePoint. Just add http://www.StructurePoint.org to your "FAVORITES", point, click and meet the new resource for your concrete software needs.