Digital property rights are essential for StructurePoint to continue creating, maintaining, and improving the software that assists engineers to work quickly, simply, and accurately. Not only do we create, maintain and improve our software, we also own and are the sole source of our software. As such we are entitled to license and protect StructurePoint software as we see fit, our vision and values guide all of our operations including digital property rights protection. We join the many companies who have fought to keep their property safe from being cracked, pirated, bootlegged, torrented, and illicitly shared, as digital piracy has been increasing for decades.

We understand the allure of software piracy, however there are many overlooked dangers and pitfalls. Pirated software often contains code added by a third party and is not verified or validated by the software creator/developer/publisher. This additional code is often added maliciously in an attempt to sneak malware and viruses into your computer. Cracked software is not subject to the extensive and rigorous verification and validations processes we employ to assure our software quality, a key component of the value we provide as software publishers. To put it simply, you cannot trust the results that are produced by pirated software. Since our software is used to create structures which are code-compliant for the safety of the public, using anything other than officially licensed software is simply unacceptable.

If you are interested in using StructurePoint software, we would like you to know there are alternatives to downloading cracked versions. If you cannot buy our software for any reason, whether it be due to trade restrictions, price sensitivity, or another reason, please reach out to us. As a software and engineering company, we are a solutions company, and we will find a solution that both suits your requirements and upholds our quality standards. We also have extensive training, education, and learning programs that cannot be pirated. Above all we want a world of safe, sustainable, and durable reinforced concrete structures, and we are willing to work with you so that you can safely and legitimately use our software to produce code complaint and properly designed structures without the risk of using an illegally obtained copy.

If you have made it this far, we are pleased that you are interested in our software and share our concern for digital property rights. We would like to learn from you to help us better serve our customers, and provide resources and licensing options tailored to your needs. Contact us at info@structurepoint.org