The importance of a structural engineer's job cannot be overstated, few professions affect public safety, comfort, and quality of life, to the same degree. Naturally, the profession is also very demanding on the engineer's time and energy. Due to increasing licensure demands, new building code revisions, and higher expectations from clients, the time to hone skills and remain current is very limited. As the former Engineering Software Group of the Portland Cement Association (PCA), StructurePoint is uniquely positioned at the heart of the concrete industry and our licensed structural engineers have decades of experience with reinforced concrete analysis & design. Complimentary resources below are for the benefit of the entire structural engineering community. Premium resources are reserved for StructurePoint clients. Use the form at the bottom of this webpage to set up your spLearn education session, and we can assist your team to work quickly, simply, and accurately.

Premium Resources

Our software clients have access to the following resources as a benefit of their StructureFirst license subscription:

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Complimentary Resources

As a means to realize our vision, StructurePoint offers the following resources for no-cost:

Design Examples

The primary purpose of our design examples is to provide engineers with a detailed reference to better understand the method of solution used by the StructurePoint software, and to ensure proper software implementation.

Our design examples are selected from the most notable industry references, and include detailed hand solutions of reinforced concrete structural members based on design codes including ACI 318 and CSA A23.3.

A software model for each example is created using the corresponding StructurePoint software program, and the software results are compared in detail with the hand solutions.

The design examples are available at the Design Examples webpage.

Technical Articles

Technical articles discuss advanced engineering topics one might encounter while designing reinforced concrete structures. Out articles are intended to assist engineers in making informed engineering judgements that lead to safe and economical design using StructurePoint software.

The technical articles are available at Technical Articles webpage.

Case Studies

Case studies highlight real-world applications of StructurePoint software, to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Contact us at info@structurepoint.org if you have a finished project and you would like to collaborate with us on a case study. (Discounts on license subscriptions available if we complete and publish your case study).

The case studies are available at Case Studies webpage.

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