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A part of the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) implemented by StructurePoint at every phase of Software development, a verification and validation (V&V) manual summarizes extensive test results conducted on our structural analysis and design software programs. spQuality is intended to establish and document the quality of the software and to serve as means of ensuring software compliance and conformance with analysis methods, numerical procedures, and applicable structural design standards. It also establishes that the logic and structure of the software correctly processes user input and leads to accurate and correct output.

A demonstration of StructurePoint’s quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) program, this manual conforms to the requirements stated in Section 4.10: Inspection and Testing of the ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9000-3-1997, Quality management and quality assurance standards-Part 3: Guidelines for the application of ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9001-1994 to the development, supply, installation and maintenance of computer software.


The verification manual aims to address essential requirements for reinforced concrete buildings and non-building structures including the structural design standards thoroughly implemented by the PCA, CAC, and the StructurePoint engineers. The scope of the examples chosen includes such topics as:

  • Displacements and deflections
  • Internal and design forces
  • Flexural, shear, and torsion design
  • Calculation of interaction diagram
  • Area of reinforcement
  • Reinforcement bars selection
  • Effects of slenderness and second order analysis
  • Effects of cracking coefficient
  • Soil pressure and contact area
  • Support reactions
  • Punching shear effects

The structural design standards presented in this verification manual and covered by examples are described in the following table for the version of each software program.

Program Version Concrete Design Standard
ACI 318-19 ACI 318-14 ACI 318-11 ACI 318-08 CSA A23.3-19 CSA A23.3-14 CSA A23.3-04 N/A*
spColumn 10.10 X X X X X X X
spBeam 5.50 X X X X
spSlab 5.50 X X X X
spMats 10.00 X X X X
spWall 10.00 X X X
spFrame 1.50 X
*Calculation is not dependent on design standards
Approach & Methodology

Verification and validation testing consists of:

  • Selecting numerous examples from publicly available and reputable engineering textbooks and manuals
  • Solving these examples using StructurePoint software programs
  • Detailed comparison of software results with hand calculations and credible references

Test examples were chosen to include a wide variety of material properties, section geometry, structure types, loading and support conditions, slenderness effects, etc.

Testing was based on a comparison between the program and generated output results and the solution results given the referenced texts or hand calculations, A number of values (test parameters) were chosen to compare from each example and laid out in the following tabular format:

  • Description of tested parameter
  • Reference value as calculated in the reference example
  • Program value as generated by StructurePoint software

The degree of agreement provided between the software and reference example values is not always 100%. In some cases deviations occur within an example due to the method of solution used being approximate, simplifiying input assumptions, rounding of values, and the use of approximate formulas in the reference. Where relevant, the results comparison table provides explanatory footnotes indicating the source and extent of discrepancy.

An example may refer to multiple editions of engineering textbooks, manuals, and structural design standards. In these cases, compared results remained unchanged throughout the various editions of a reference. The editions of a reference and corresponding StructurePoint software input files are listed in each example.

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Release Version Release Date Release Purpose
Version 0.00 August 1, 2005 Initial Release
Version 0.10 June 6, 2007 Updated for New Software Version
Version 0.20 September 30, 2010 Updated for New Software Version
Version 1.00 June 20, 2013 General Public Release
Version 2.00 July 18, 2017 General Public Release
Version 3.00 January 31, 2020 General Public Release
Version 4.00 November 9, 2023 Updated for New Software Version
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