Formerly the Portland Cement Association (PCA) Software, the StructurePoint (SP) suite includes design and analysis software for reinforced concrete beams, columns, mats, walls, slab systems, and frame analysis. While most of our 8000 licensees are in the professional engineering practice, StructurePoint has developed a program (spAcademic) for academic and educational institutions to easily access and utilize our software and resources to prepare students for the engineering industry. The software is provided in a variety of license styles to fit the educator/instructor's curriculum.

Academic Resources

spAcademic is a dynamic interactive service that aims to provide assistance (resources and technical support) to educators in academic and research institutions worldwide. spAcademic is flexible and can be customized based on the educator's needs. It can be used as supplementary material in a design or analysis course, or comprehensively customized to cover design theory and software applications in the format of a complete course. This service has the following major components:

Academic Licensing


Access to the SP software suite for a nominal fee to support education of analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and structures.


Email univ@structurepoint.org to request:

  1. Faculty / Student complimentary license
  2. Evaluate options for University Network License

Academic Toolkit (Professor's Teaching Aids)


spAcademic toolkit is structured to cover the analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures from basic theories, assumptions, and techniques to special topics and unique scenarios for advanced and graduate levels.


Fill out the Toolkit Request Form

Academic Support


spAcademic can be customized based on the educator's needs, where the toolkit provided can be edited to fit the needs of the audience level.


Email univ@structurepoint.org to schedule an appointment with an engineer on our education & research team for further discussion.

Teaching Resources

As a means to realize our vision, StructurePoint offers the following resources:

Design Examples

SP design examples provide a detailed reference to better understand the method of solution used by the SP software and to ensure proper software implementation. These examples are selected from the most notable industry references based on design codes including ACI 318 and CSA A23.3. These documents are available at the Design Examples webpage.

Technical Articles

Technical articles discuss advanced engineering topics one might encounter while designing reinforced concrete structures. Our articles are intended to assist engineers in making informed engineering judgements that lead to safe and economical design using StructurePoint software. These articles are available at the Technical Articles webpage.

Case Studies

Case Studies highlight real-world applications of StructurePoint software, to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Contact us at info@structurepoint.org if you have a project you would like to collaborate with us and develop a case study. These documents are available at the Case Studies webpage.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials present theories and applications for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures. The audio-visual experience helps learners through every step of the process, supports independent learning, and creates a face-to-face learning atmosphere. These videos are short and to the point which make the learning process very efficient. These videos are available at the Video Tutorials webpage.

StructurePoint Wiki

StructurePoint Wiki Articles discuss topics selected for the structural engineering community to facilitate a better understanding of the analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and structures towards a sustainable built environment. The StructurePoint Wiki Articles are available at StructurePoint Wiki webpage.