spSlab Input and Output

Material Properties

Concrete (for slabs, beams,and columns):

  • Unit weight, w
  • Compressive strength, f'c
  • Modulus of elasticity, Ec
  • Modulus of rupture, fr


  • Longitudinal reinforcement yield strength, fy
  • Transverse reinforcement yield strength, fyv
  • Plain or epoxy coated bars

Structure Geometry

  • Up to 20 spans and two cantilevers
  • Slab thickness may vary from span to span
  • Transverse design strip width (left and right) may vary from span to span
  • Round or rectangular columns above and below the slab
  • Column height may vary
  • User-controlled column-fixity
  • Standard or user-input drop panels
  • Column capitals
  • Longitudinal beams
  • Transverse beams
  • Rib width, depth, and clear spacing


  • Self weight automatically computed
  • Uniform dead and live surface (force per unit area) loads
  • Partial loads may be uniform (line), trapezoidal, concentrated, or moments
  • Lateral loads effect may be input as joint moments
  • Live load percentage to be modified in pattern loading
  • Up to 6 basic load cases
  • Up to 255 load combinations

Analysis and Design

  • Equivalent Frame Method for two way systems
  • Flexural Shear, Torsion, and integrity calculation
  • Instantaneous and long-term deflection


  • Graphical display of input parameters
  • Graphical display of flexure, shear, Torsion Force, and capacity envelopes
  • Details of required reinforcing steel
  • Customizable results report
  • spResults module
  • spReporter module


  • Fast & flexible graphical interface
  • Multiple input/output windows

Design parameters

top and bottom bars:

  • Top and bottom bar cover
  • Minimum & maximum bar size
  • Minimum clear spacing between bars